A year ago in April I had a family member who needed a rehab center, she had fell and broke her hip and leg, she had a lot of problems with her health and we really thought we would lose her, Troy Care worked with her and us and in Sept. she was able to go home. Shortly after that I needed a knee replacement, and yes I came to Troy Care as well. You see Troy Care became family to us, they treat you as if you are their family. I could not have went any place and had the feeling of being at home as I do here. Their food is good the rooms are clean and the staff, there is just not enough words to say how wonderful they are! They can’t do enough for you or your family. I would like to add that a few years back I had my brother here and when he died they were wonderful to us then. If you need care or your loved one needs care –  Troy Care center is the Best in the Miami County. I might add my brother had been in 3 other care centers before I came here and I’d never change to another. Troy Care Center is Home to me and my family.

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